The history

Secret hideouts leave marks of the past, deep tanks, letters and sheets music belonging to the previous residents.

Located in a residential area, a step away from the old town of Galatone, not far from the most popular seashores of Salento.

What seems to be a simple bed and breakfast, it actually is an experience of deep relax, with the scent of herbs and memories of a remote past.

A past only dated back to 1906, although you just need a quick look to the Dimora Moresca, especially its columns and windows, to get a glimpse of those mysterious traces of the so called Moresque art, spread between the XIth and XVth centuries.
The arabesque lines cross and collide with elements of “leccese” stone and tuff, kept unchanged after the restoration of the building, which looks as a proud declaration of belonging to its beloved Salento land.